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Moving Small Amounts of Furniture for Seniors

Posted on Thu, Aug 29, 2013

Whether you are a moving veteran or a rookie, made international moves or small moves across town, or maybe just have a knack for helping people move there are many tips that will
help save time and protect your stuff as you pack.  The approach to packing can differ greatly depending on how you are moving.  Are you moving yourself or having a professional moving company do the heavy lifting? 

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This post is geared towards having a company come in and help you out. This post will help seniors who are moving into assisted living centers, as well as seniors moving into nursing
homes.  There are options even when you hire a moving company.  The company could move your belongings alone or they could carefully load them on a commercial freight trailer along with other people's belongings.  Another decision will be whether to pack your own belongings,have the professional movers do the packing, or a mix of the two.


If you pack your own belongings the moving company can provide you with the correct number of boxes that will fit what you are packing into them.  They may give you extra stuff besides
boxes; packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and tape for example.  When the materials are dropped off just make sure you protect your belongings by properly wrapping anything breakable.  When in doubt it is better to have too much protection than not enough.  

The other option would be to allow the professionals to do what you are paying them for.  They've packed everything before and even know the best way to pack art work, sculptures
and all of your delicate items, no matter how awkwardly shaped.  The secondary perk to allowing the movers to pack you up is they will do it fast and economically.

Trust your movers; they're the professionals.

When seniors are moving, we recommend letting the movers unpack all of their possessions. The movers can hang pictures, place furniture exactly where you need it and hang up the
clothes in closets.  Let the movers haul away all of the packing materials and boxes.

If you are downsizing, ask your mover if they can ship some of your excess furniture and valuables to family members that are out of town. For in town family members, the movers
should be able to drop off at more than one location.

If you have more questions about options for moving please feel free to contact pack n send in

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