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Ship furniture across country-Don't leave prized possessions behind

Posted on Thu, Sep 26, 2013


Consumers don’t often think of shipping furniture across country as a viable option as they think it is too costly. It is an ideal solution however for those who own or have found a piece that has a high sentimental value, significant historical value or cannot be found in the other part of America they are moving.

Family heirlooms, valuable antiques and historical pieces cannot simply be replaced with new modern furniture. Consumers who are moving often weigh the cost of shipment with how much their furniture means to them. Shipment of furniture is a viable option when utilizing the right company and preparing it properly for shipment. Furniture holds much more of a value than monetary especially when it has historical or sentimental significance.

Consumers have a few choices when shipping across the country in both preparation and shipping methods. Careful preparation is critical especially with valuable antiques with crating or palletizing the safest methods. For standard furniture it is often wrapped in moving blankets which prevents contact from other items and stains. The method mainly depends on the amount of furniture the consumer needs shipped.

 Freight is ideal for single pieces or smalllots of furniture and for shipping a newly purchased piece from a seller to your home. Having a moving company haul your furniture is ideal for those moving an entire household of furniture or large lot of several pieces.

If you would like more information on shipping your furniture across the country or want a quote on shipping a piece of furniture you are contemplating purchasing, please feel free to
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