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Houston Ebay- Time to list

Posted on Thu, Sep 23, 2010

As the holidays approach, it is a good time to list your unwanted items on eBay. This helps put extra money in your pockets for this holiday season.

 At pack n send our customers come from all over the world. Once we sell an item on eBay, we expertly pack it, do any customs paperwork and ship the item, all from one location.

 We prefer to use pay pal, as it is a fast and accurate way to pay. We also receive customer shipping information as soon as the sale is complete. We are notified as soon as the payment is made so that we can quickly ship out eBay items.

We are able to use freight lines for large eBay sales, and UPS and Fed Ex, and DHL  for the smaller items.

We provide tracking numbers to the purchaser.

Here are some quick ideas if you are listing your own items on eBay.

Always tell the truth. If there is a flaw, discuss it, take a picture of it and let a potential buyer know about it.  You do not want a purchaser to return an item because it was not what was in your listing.

Always answer emails immediately.  If possible post your email to show in your listing to everyone. This will prevent you from having to answer a question more than one time.

Try and make your listing as detailed as possible. This will  give the buyer more incentive to purchase an item from you.

For more information on eBay selling, freight shipping, or Fed Ex and UPS shipping please feel free to contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.


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How to Find the Right Store to Sell Your Items on Ebay

Posted on Mon, Oct 26, 2009

Finding a reputable store to list your eBay items can be time consuming. Consumers need to know the right questions to ask.

Does the store know how to place the correct title and category on your item?

Does the eBay seller list AND ship your eBay item? Proper and timely fulfillment is essential to successful eBay selling.

Does the eBay seller only accept items that are allowed to be sold on eBay? If they're breaking eBay rules, their account could be suspended and your investment of time and money would be lost.

Does the eBay seller research each item to make sure they are both pricing your item correctly and checking on what prior items have sold for? Proper research is required in order for your items to sell and to make you as much profit as possible.

Does the eBay seller list multiples of the same items? You do not want your items to be bidding against themselves.

Does your eBay seller re-list if your item doesn't sell the first time? At this time, you can tweak both your price as well as your description.

Does your eBay seller have positive reviews from customers in past eBay sales?

Does the eBay seller take their own pictures, or try and copy pictures already on eBay? Stock pictures often do not show any special markings or enhancements of an eBay item. Customers need to see the exact item they're buying. Better pictures will always sell the product faster and usually at higher prices.

Make sure the eBay seller asks you for a truthful description. If an eBay item has defects or is not in operating condition, then the item needs to be listed with these defects. Buyers should know exactly what they are purchasing. A returned item due to dissatisfaction is not a good eBay sale.

If you are trying to sell a car on eBay, does the eBay seller ask you to see the title before the sale? Do they let you know that the vehicle needs to be ready for a purchaser to see, touch and take the auto to a garage for an inspection?

Does the eBay seller have a secure, safe location to store your eBay items? Does the store provide an alarm system and carry insurance on their store.

These are just a few questions you should ask when researching a store that will sell your eBay items. Pack n Send has helped individuals sell their personal items and family estate profitably on eBay. If we can answer any of your eBay selling questions, please call us in Houston at 713-266-1450, or visit our eBay Listing page.

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