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Shipping Overseas for an International Move

Posted on Fri, Jun 15, 2018

Shipping Overseas for an International Move

freight ship and airplane shipping goods overseas

The prospect of moving overseas can be exciting but daunting. There are many details to manage in a short amount of time.  Making arrangements to move personal belongings is a key element of an international move. 

Using Ocean Freight for Your International Move

Ocean freight is the most affordable option for moving personal items. Airline transport is fast but is always more costly and has weight and size restrictions. Ocean containers can hold a variety of large and heavy items such as furniture or cars. Ocean containers are also very durable and safe for transporting goods.

Shipping companies can help customers secure a "LCL", or less-than-a-container load, which means that goods from several individuals or companies share a single container. Shipping companies help to ensure proper container loading, transport, and delivery of these personal goods. Some international clients even order goods from the United States, like furniture and vehicles, and have them shipped because the products may not be available where they live or may be of a lesser quality.   

Utilizing the Port of Houston

One of the busiest ports in the United States is the port of Houston. According to statistics from 2017, the port of Houston ranked 1st in foreign waterborne tonnage and 2nd in total tonnage. It is a busy and popular port, shipping and receiving items from all over the world. The number of containers that Houston handles has increased steadily since 2006.

Most of the international tonnage which arrives in Houston comes from Asia, while most of the tonnage which leaves Houston heads to the Americas and North Europe. This increased business has resulted in the need to implement infrastructure projects to expand and deepen the Bayport Channel, allowing for the docking of larger ships.  

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If you are anticipating an international move and need to consider a safe and secure method of transporting your personal goods, contact us at Pack n Send for an estimate today!  


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Knowing When You Need Custom Crate and Shipping in Houston, Texas

Posted on Mon, Feb 19, 2018

Knowing When You Need Custom Crate and Shipping in Houston, Texas


Not everything fits in a square and settles into the back of a truck with a perfect fit! Many items are too fragile or misshapen to fit into a standard crate without special care being taken.

In this instance, it becomes necessary to use a commercial crating service in order to get bulky, delicate, and valuable items from one place to another. When it comes to custom crates for a shipment that has substantial value — be it monetary or sentimental — it is best to find a custom crater and shipping professional.

Houston Shipping: One of the Busiest Ports in the World!

Businesses shipping goods expect their products to leave their facility in good condition. Paying customers expect the items they have ordered to arrive in equally good condition. In Houston, packing items safely and correctly is a high priority. The Port of Houston is one of the busiest ports in the United States, where ocean-going vessels bring all manner of goods from all over the world to be distributed to warehouses and then shipped all across the country.

With the increasing volume of goods arriving via ship every day that are distributed to companies for assembly and processing along the Houston Ship Channel, custom crate and shipping services in the greater Houston region are expanding. Most goods arrive in the Houston packed into containers. Many of these goods arrive in pieces, meaning they must be assembled by companies in the region and then shipped as completed components to customers nationwide. A custom crate builder can build crates that specifically fit the item that has been imported and that needs to ship out to a new location.  Custom craters can also build crates for goods that are purchased in one city in the USA and need to ship to another city.

Do You Need Custom Crate and Shipping Services?

Many items do not require commercial crating. Tires, clothing, heavy duty plastics, and shipments of lumber  can be shipped on either standard size shipping pallets or custom built platforms that are built  to fit the size of the order.

Contrary to things that can be palletized or simply stacked, crate and shipping services in Houston, Texas, can take high value artwork, valuable stemware, or odd-shaped items like an airplane fuselage and get them ready and safe for shipping.

For more examples of some different items that have been shipped by pack n send in Houston, check here.

As an energy center in the world, odd-sized pipes and delicate measuring devices make their ways through the region en route to destinations elsewhere in Texas and well beyond. These are items that oftentimes require special crating or custom built pallets  to keep them safe on their journey.

Regulations and Guidelines For Shipping

A knowledge of the do's and don'ts is tantamount to conducting good shipping. It is also important to know about restrictions facing international shipping if something is to be sent overseas. While Houston is a destination for many of the world's products, it is also an active exporting port.


Contact Pack n Send With Your Custom Crate and Shipping Needs

If you find yourself in need of a custom crate and shipping information, contact us for more information. Pack n Send is a leader in the Houston shipping industry in everything from customer service to ensuring your shipment arrives safe and and in a timely manner.

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Container Shipping in Houston: Where Do You Need to Ship?

Posted on Thu, Feb 15, 2018

Container Shipping in Houston: Where Do You Need to Ship?


At any given time, there are about 20-million shipping containers on the ocean! A large number of these shipping containers either come from or come through Houston.

Container Shipping in Houston

The Port of Houston is ranked first in the United States in shipping international tonnage and is ranked 3rd in foreign cargo value according to the US Department of Commerce. If you need to ship something internationally, there's no doubt you can get it there from the Port of Houston! For example, Pack-n-Send in Houston ships to just about anywhere on the planet--254 countries in total, many of which you may not have even heard of.

Companies such as Caterpillar have taken advantage of Houston's port to ship equipment to assist booming industries such as mining and energy. But you don't have to be a prominent international corporation to take advantage of Houston's international port -- all you need is the right container shipping company in Houston to help.

Shipping Container Uses

So what can be shipped inside a shipping container from the Port of Houston? With the incredible variety of items needed to be shipped throughout the world, shipping companies in Houston pride themselves on being able to ship just about anything, anywhere. They'll pick the item up from your home or business, transport it to their container shipping facilities, and make sure it gets where it needs to go--usually at a fraction of the cost you'd get using traditional postal services!

Most businesses use either 20 cubic feet or 40 cubic feet ontainers  when shipping domestic or internationally. Although almost any item can be shipped, most common items include antiques, artwork,household goods, car parts, fragile heirlooms, eBay items, computers and office equipment, audio/visual equipment, marble, and estate liquidations or transports.

How Can I Find Out More?

Whether if it fits in a shipping container or not, your item can be shipped. To request an online quote, all you have to do is contact us! Pack n Send is the best in the business when it comes to shipping companies in Houston, and no matter where your item needs to be shipped, we'll make sure it gets there safe and sound.


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Cargo Loading and What You Didn't Know About the Port of Houston

Posted on Mon, Jan 29, 2018

Cargo Loading and What You Didn't Know About the Port of Houston


A look behind the scenes of cargo loading...

As consumers, we often don't think about how the things we have got here and all that was involved in the process. But for those in the business of shipping, transporting goods all over the world is just what we do day in and day out! In this blog post, we wanted to discuss a little of the process of cargo loading and freighting in and out of the Port of Houston.

The Port of Houston

According to the Port of Houston website, the port is number one in foreign tonnage in the nation and third in foreign tonnage value! Ninety percent of cargo going from one country to another goes by ship (as opposed to air or train). So if you have a business that exports to other countries, you are already well aware of the fact that your good makes the long trip across the sea. 

Cargo shipping at the Port of Houston

But if you are an individual looking for cargo shipping (perhaps an overseas move, an auction or equipment purchase, or any other reason for international or freight shipping), you probably didn't know it takes cargo ships about 10-20 days just to cross the Atlantic Ocean. The process begins at the Port of Houston. For overseas shipping, you are likely working with a packing and shipping company that has relationships at the Port - they connect your shipment with a freight company. 

Depending on the items, they may be palletized and then loaded into a cargo container. From the Port of Houston terminal toolbox, you can track your cargo, fill out any necessary applications, and more. After the cargo container with your shipment is loaded onto a cargo ship, then it begins its journey across the ocean. The speed of the ship and the route it takes will determine how long it takes your shipment to arrive.

To see a 10 step explanation of freight shipping, check out this link from the World Shipping Council!

Contact Pack n Send with your shipping needs!

If you have an international shipment that requires cargo loading, contact us at Pack n Send today. We pick up and deliver worldwide, and we gurantee you'll be beyond satisified with every step of the shipping process.


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Container and Bulk Shipping Awards-Houston Shipping

Posted on Fri, Nov 19, 2010


As reported in earlier blogs, the shipping industry looks towards environmental concerns when shipping cargo.  This article found in the Handy Shipping  Guide highlighs Maersks efforts to improve our environment.

FRANCE – DENMARK – This week the fourth annual European Business Awards held in Paris saw shipping group  A. P.  Moller- Maersk scoop the “Environmental Awareness Award” in recognition of their policies, strategies and innovations in the field. In common with many freight and logistics groups Maersk have shown themselves to be prepared to explore every avenue in an attempt to reduce the impact of their activities on the environment.

The winners were chosen by a select jury of politicians, entrepreneurs, academics and industrialists of different nationalities who reasoned the award with Maersk's integration of environmental sustainability into the business strategy, and especially Maersk Line’s commitment to transparency and open innovation. Søren Stig Nielsen, Head of Maersk Line Sustainability, accepted the award on behalf of the Group.

Slow steaming, where vessels slow down to conserve fuel, has contributed significantly to Maersk's environmental goals, and the work continues. Maersk Line's aim is to cut CO2 emissions, per container transported, by 25% in 2020 compared with 2007 levels. The company say one added benefit of slow steaming is that it allows the box carrier to schedule its deliveries more precisely because vessels can slow down or speed up in order to arrive on time.

The Handy Shipping Guide has frequently highlighted the efforts by Maersk to improve shipping’s ecological image in fields from   fuel experimentation and   ship design container handling equipment to  and many in the freight industry will feel it is good to see such sterling work by at least one logistics specialist group rewarded.

The European Business Awards define the Environmental Awareness Award thus:

‘This award goes to an organisation that can best demonstrate a company-wide commitment to minimising its impact on the environment, alongside significant success in minimising its carbon footprint. Judges look for evidence of a clearly articulated, widely communicated environmental strategy embedded into the company’s business practices. Policies that improve business performance from an environmental perspective and innovative approaches to environmental management will be rewarded. Judges will also look for measurable evidence of how organisations have actively reduced their carbon footprint.’

Photo: Søren Stig Nielsen accepted the award in the company of Jules Kortenhorst (right) CEO of the European Climate Foundation.

 For more information about cargo shipping from Houston and the Port of Houston, please feel free to contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.

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