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Moving Assistance: How Much Do I Need?

Posted on Fri, Feb 21, 2014

Sifting through, packing and moving your belongings can seem a daunting task but you don't have to do it alone. When you've got a long haul move planned, you may need some moving assistance.  That's especially true if you have large pieces of furniture to transport or an entire household to shift from point A to point B. Professional moving services give you complete control over how much moving assistance you may need.

So how can the pros help?

They do the packing! Have an awkward shaped piece of art or a large collection of knick-knacks? Movers wrap artwork with special paper that protects your fine artwork. These pros regularly employ bubble wrap, shrink wrap, foam peanuts and double boxing techniques. Small pieces like china or glasses are wrapped individually and tucked inside a sturdy crate or box. Besides packing, they unpack too! No more staring at boxes for months while you arrange your new home. Need a custom crate built for a glass table top?  Movers can build the crate.

Have a small amount of furniture to move?  Consider freighting your furniture. Movers can pack your shipment. They can pick up the furniture, and move it on a pallet across country. You can request curbside delivery or inside white glove delivery. It is all up to you, the customer.

Leave the moving to your moving company. Whether you are moving across town, the country or the globe, professional movers can transport a variety of shipments safely to its final destination. Moving an entire apartment or downscaling to a condominium? This kind of service can help you transition into your new digs.

In a nutshell here's more of what this type of service provider can do:
•    Provide supplies or pack for you.
•    Help you breakdown and set up furniture and appliances.
•    Do all the driving--or give you the wheel or freight your furniture on a pallet

Can you do it yourself? Sure, but when you have a big move planned, team work makes everything better.  Contact pack n send in Houston for pricing and details and advice about moving from one location to another locations.

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