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Shipping Statues: Pack, Ship or International Freight Packing

Posted on Wed, Feb 05, 2014

Transporting large sculptures like statues takes some finesse! Regardless of what type of statue--bronze, marble, plastic or concrete you can send that treasure anywhere and safely with a custom built box or crate. The statute may require freight shipping on a custom built pallet.

art sculpture
 Shipping statues takes a bit of planning but an expert mover or freight preparation company can guide you through the process. Before you make that call, ask yourself these questions.

What are the statue's dimensions? You need the weight, height and width of your statue. Write this information down; have it on hand when ordering a crate, requesting a custom built pallet or seeing it the statute can be moved on a blanket wrap moving truck. There are many options available. Look for a company that can analyze the most effective way to ship your particular statute.

What is the value of the statue? Does your statue need valuation coverage before shipping? Do you have a written appraisal or the sales slip if this was just purchased?
Does the statue have a usual shape or design? Some statues and sculptures have a separate base or movable components. Have this information ready when selecting a shipping method. You may want to email a picture of the statute to the shipping company.

The more details you can provide, the better your shipping experience!

If you choose to use professional movers the movers may use the following techniques to move large objects like statues:
•    Build a wooden crate or box to specs. Even when in a moving truck, they may consider using a custom built crate for your statute a necessity. As an alternative, they may require a custom built box.
•    They may determine that a standard blanket wrap move is the perfect solution for shipping your statute.

Relocating a valuable statue can seem a daunting task.  If you are shipping your statute overseas, look for an international freight shipping company that can help you with this task. When shipping internationally, you may need to fill in additional customs forms due to the value of your statute. You also want to consider that any crates used for international shipping will need to be built out of heat treated wood.

If you have any questions about shipping your statute either domestically or internationally, please feel free to contact pack n send in Houston. We pack and ship worldwide and are happy to answer your shipping questions.

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