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Freight Shipping Antique Furniture: What You Need to Know

Posted on Mon, Jun 18, 2018

Freight Shipping Antique Furniture: What You Need to Know

two pieces of antique furniture

If you are an antique furniture store owner or general resident in Houston, Texas, with expensive wood or another style of valuable furniture, here's what you need to know about freight shipping. Since freight shipping antique furniture includes a higher level of care and potentially sentimental value, there is keen attention to detail needed in the process.

While the domestic freight options for shipping antique furniture are a tad more plentiful, the international freight options can get a bit more complicated.

Preparing Antique Furniture for Freight Shipping

Here are some things to do with preparing antique furniture as noted by UShip Guides:

  • Have the piece of furniture appraised
  • Photograph the furniture from all angles 
  • Secure loose shelves or interior pieces
  • Empty out the furniture
  • Avoid taping furniture as not to ruin the finish

With these helpful tips, one should have a better understanding of how fragile antique furniture is and why it has to be prepped in a certain way. It is best to consider the different approaches that exist for domestic and international shipping of antique furniture.

Tips From The Smithsonian

Indeed, the United States Smithsonian Museum Institute even noted about preparing furniture to be moved that "most furniture and other objects require several types of protection.  These may be single-purpose layers or multi-purpose ones."  With items like antique furniture, having highly expensive pieces shipped as international freight or domestic freight will need crating and also proper wrapping. 

Some other helpful tips that the Smithsonian Museum Institute provided in their blog included the point that "most damage to furniture occurs because of human use, abuse, and accidents." The Smithsonian Museum Institute also noted that "most accidental damage occurs during handling and movement of furniture. Some of these hints will seem more appropriate in a collection or historic house museum, but you may still find them helpful in your home."

Freight Shipping Services For Antique Furniture

The good news is that in many cases, freight shipping services work with you on your furniture and equipment that needs to be shipped out of the city or state. Freight can be delivered to any home using a liftgate truck or delivered to a business that has a loading dock for easier transfers of furniture. Freight delivered to a business is typically less expensive than freight delivered to a residence.

Most standard freight deliveries can be scheduled a day in advance. It is best to make sure that the recipient is there to sign for the freight in all cases, especially with antique furniture.

Contact Pack n Send For More Information!

You can always use a professional packing company or a professional crating company to pack and ship your antique furniture.

Freight Your Antique Furniture so that you can save time and money.  Find out more by contacting us today about all of your shipping and freight needs.


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International Shipping Tips and Guidelines-From pack 'n send Houston

Posted on Wed, Mar 16, 2011

international shippingInternational shipping can become confusing, time-consuming, and costly if you don't know the ins and outs. There are a few basic questions to ask when arranging an international shipment.

Will the country you are shipping to accept the item you are attempting to ship?
Every country has a list of items that they will not accept. Use the UPS Country Regulations tool if you are unsure about the items you're shipping.

Can the company you choose send both small amounts of goods as well as large shipping containers?
If you choose a company that offers the full range of services, they should look for the least expensive way to ship all of your items.

Does the shipping company have experience shipping to Africa, as well as South America?
With different cultures and shipping requirements, it is worth looking for and experienced company. France, for example, has different restrictions from Burkina Faso.

Is the company willing to spend the time to price each of your shipments individually, so that they can analyze the best alternative for each shipment?
Fuel surcharges are constantly changing, and certain days of the week often offer less expensive shipping charges than other days.

Pack n send has been in business since 1981 and offers a full range of shipping options for inidividuals and businesses. We ship a wide variety of items to countries all over the world. Contact us to see what we can ship for you today.


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Increase in Freight Orders Reported Again

Posted on Tue, Mar 15, 2011

BOOMING demand from Asia is keeping aircraft manufacturers happy, with the likes of Hong Kong Airlines and China Eastern Airlines ordering freighters at a rapid pace.

China will help the Asia-Pacific region account for a third of global plane deliveries over the next 20 years, Boeing said. Rival Airbus said it expects airlines in Asia to take delivery of 8,560 aircraft in the next 20 years, representing a third of the global total.

In early March, Hong Kong Airlines agreed to buy six 777 freighters from Boeing. Meanwhile, Boeing’s 747-8 freighter version has won 74 orders from customers including Cathay Pacific Airways, an Air China affiliate.

Also this month, China Eastern Airlines, which operates a mix of Airbus and Boeing freighters, has revealed a massive expansion plan of 250 extra aircraft by 2015. In four years the fleet will total 588 units comprising 531 passenger aircraft, 30 freighters and 27 utility aircraft. As of 30 June 2010, the Shanghai-based carrier operated 338 aircraft, comprising 320 passenger aircraft and 18 freighters.

 Pack n send continues to track the increase for freight aircraft orders.  With worldwide ecoconomies struggling to come out of the recession, good news is report worthy.

 The article above came from Cargo Shipping News and is the second time in less than a week that new aircraft orders have been reported.

 For information about shipping freight, cargo and containers from Houston, Texas, please feel free to contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.

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More Information about Improved Shipping from Houston

Posted on Tue, Feb 22, 2011

Exports from Houston and Galveston increased to $95billion last year from $75 billion in 2009, and that's higher than the $90 billion exported from the region in 2008. Oil led the exports, bolstered by stable, relatively high prices. Crude ended the year at $91.38 a barrel, up about $10 from the start of 2010.

Last year's imports of $117

billion, while up from $92 billion in 2009, were below the $151 billion recorded in 2008. Oil also led the gains on the import side.

Rise in drilling equipment

Higher oil prices helped drive more demand for drilling equipment and cargo that crossed the Port of Houston's docks last year.

Houston's Palletized Trucking has moved more oil field equipment, containers and other cargo lately, and now it's hiring truck drivers again.

It's also planning to increase rates 5 percent to 7 percent this year as prices have increased for fuel, trucks and labor, said Michael Rex King, Palletized Trucking's president and CEO.

His sales were up 20 percent to 25 percent in January compared with the same month in 2010.

For the full year of 2009, sales dropped by 40 percent.

Joachim said World Trade Distribution's business has picked up 15 percent since last October, but it is still 15 percent less than 18 months ago.

"That's still a significant hit," Joachim said.

As trade rebounds, companies must react to find equipment and space on vessels after shippers reduced capacity in the last 18 months.

Pack n send has republished portions of this article written by Houston Chronicle journalist Jenalia Moreno.  We look for positive upswings in the Houston and US economy for both freight and cargo.

 For more information about packing, crating, cargo and freight shipping from Houston, Texas please contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.

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Freight from Houston and US Market

Posted on Fri, Feb 18, 2011

A large truck drives over the bridge. <br>See more <a href="">photos by Matthew Hull</a> at PBase. <br>See my portfolio at <a href=""&...

Pack n send is monitoring freight  and  cargo shipments both within the United State and worldwide. While we specialize in Freight Shipping and loading and shipping cargo, we also like to keep our customers informed of industry trends. This article taken from Handy Shipping   Guide highlights new strengths seen in US shipping markets.

Long Beach, California based  UTI a non asset based 3PL supply chain specialist turned in better than expected results yesterday following a general upward trend for the industry. With over 23 million square feet of warehousing in 23 countries the US company shows a pattern that seems fairly typical for the freight market at the moment. The CEO however offered a customary word of caution in today’s volatile conditions.

 Eric W. Kirchner, chief executive officer, speaking of the second quarter results said in a statement:

"Our improved results were primarily driven by strong volumes and better operating margins. Airfreight and ocean freight volumes continued to grow faster than the market and were higher than volumes recorded in the second quarter two years ago, prior to the financial crisis. Results remain tempered by yield pressure due to continued high transportation rates, and we expect these rates to remain volatile on many trade lanes for the rest of the year. We are also expecting volume growth to moderate during the second half of the year due to a slowing global economy and more difficult comparisons to the prior year.

"We continue to be encouraged by improvements in our contract logistics and distribution business, which reported solid revenue growth and higher operating margins. Client volumes improved in the quarter, particularly in retail and consumer markets, and we continue to manage our operations more efficiently. Our transformation initiatives remain on schedule and we are making good progress in all areas."

UTi saw increased operating costs, up 9% against last year but it seems although traffic volumes were higher, rates were more competitive dragging profits back somewhat. Net revenues were up 12% for the half year against 2009 at $379 million.

 For more information on Houston shipping, freight and cargo shipping, please feel free to contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.

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Cargo Growth Slow but Looking up

Posted on Thu, Jan 27, 2011

 MORE than three-quarters of IATA members reported an increase in cargo business during Q4 2010, the association says amidst a cautiously positive forecast for this year.

While IATA members expect a profit for 2011, factors such as rising fuel prices mean confidence in further significant improvement has taken a hit, the association’s quarterly survey finds.

By November 2010 the volume of international freight tonne kilometres was up more than 20 per cent on a year-to-date basis compared to the same period in 2009. The recovery in traffic, driven by the pickup in world trade, has almost been as sharp as the fall experienced going into the recession.

Freight volumes reached a new post-recession peak in May 2010 but dropped back by mid-year as the restocking phase of the inventory cycle came to a close. Since then volumes have stabilised in line with the level seen immediately prior to the recession.

In the latest survey the proportion of respondents expecting further improvement in airfreight volumes over the 12 months ahead remains around 60 per cent – indicating that continued growth beyond restocking stimulus is seen as likely this year.

Expectations for cargo yields over the 12 months ahead point to stability with 57 per cent of respondents reporting ‘no-change’ likely. Freight growth is moderating back towards the rate of global trade growth while capacity is entering at a faster rate which will put downward pressure on load factors and temper further rises in yields.

Pack n send has reprinted this article from Air Cargo News as a service to our customers.

 Any article showing improvements and upward swings in the worldwide economy are good for both Houston shipping and shipping worldwide.

For more information about packing, crating, cargo shipping and freight from Houston Texas, feel free to contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.

7/01/05  This 727 from Falcon Air Cargo decided to Go Around at this altitude. He was landing at Rwy. 08 on the north section of the airport (SJU). From what I recalled this happened due to a bad approach. He came in high and wasn't going to ...

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Marble Shipping Houston-Ask Questions

Posted on Tue, Oct 26, 2010

interior from the other sideMy house from the other side	  Places / Home

When shipping marble furniture, there are a few important things to consider.  First and foremost if it the marble can be removed from the piece of furniture.  You need to look for a company that has the capability to remove the marble. They also must have the ability to custom build a crate to place the marble in for shipping. Below we have listed some standard guidelines for crating the marble.

Depending on the size and fragility of the piece the crater should use up to 3 inches of Styrofoam on the bottom of the crate and 1-2 inches of Styrofoam on the sides and top. Before putting the piece into the crate, make sure that the marble has double or triple bubble surrounding it.

The crate should be closed with staples on the bottom and screws should be put on the top for easy opening.

Metal banding should be secured  around the crate.

 The company that you choose to crate your marble should offer both on site crating as well as crating at their facility.  The company should have a preferred list of shipping companies, as well as preferred movers for your delicate marble.  The company needs to offer valuation protection for your marble piece.

 For more information on marble shipping, please feel free to contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.

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Cargo and Freight Imports Higher Than Exports

Posted on Thu, Sep 16, 2010

Image Ref: 11-47-14 - US Flag, Viewed 10408 times

 While US consumers have opened their pocket books, other countries such as Japan and China are still slow to import as freight and cargo US goods.   Imports of foreign made goods are coming into the United States at a faster rate than last  year. While the President envisions increasing US exports, there is no evidence that this is occurring at a rapid pace.

 Part of the problem appears to be the undervaluation of Chinese currency.  Once their currency is allowed to rise to a more realistic level, the Chinese will have the ability to purchase more goods. This will also of course  increase the cost to US  consumers of Chinese goods.

 While pack n send exports goods for businesses and inviduals, it also monitors currency flucuations around the world. As United States goods become  more reasonably priced in comparison to other countries goods, exports of US made goods will defiantly rise.

 This will be good for US workers and their families.

 For more information on exporting goods made in the United States, please contact pack n send at  713 266 1450.


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Positioning among Cargo Carriers-News from Japan

Posted on Wed, Sep 01, 2010

 Shipping News Feature

This article is taken from Handy  Shipping   News.  Why is this so interesting?  With changes happening so quickly in container shipping, Mitsui OSK Lines is once again thinking ahead and changing the cargo that they carry via ocean.


JAPAN – When international oil prices jumped in the 1970’s Mitsui OSK Lines cancelled tankers and moved swiftly into container shipping, just as the seemingly unstoppable rise in trade using 20’ and 40’ boxes gathered momentum. Now, with much of the world in the grip of recession, the Japanese group seem, once again, to be ahead of the game.

Although known by most freight executives today as a container carrier MOL have rebranded and changed markets several times in their long life. Now, with uncertainty surrounding both bulk and container markets the company has made some strategic changes regarding its carriage of natural gas vessels.

Tokyo LNG Tanker Co. is a company jointly owned by MOL and the Tokyo Gas Co. and today they announced that Tokyo LNG Tanker will receive a minority stake (1.5%) in two SRV companies owned by MOL (48.5% shareholders) and Höegh LNG (50%). This means Tokyo LNG Tanker have a share in two SRV vessels, the “GDF Suez Neptune” and “GDF Suez Cape Ann”, both on long term charter to serve the Neptune LNG Deep Water Port terminal off Boston on the U.S. East Coast. The Lief Höegh line was the first shipping group to venture into gas carriage and they have unrivalled experience in the field.

For those not familiar with SRV carriers (Shuttle and Regasification vessels) these ships take on liquefied natural gas (LNG) at loading terminals and upon arrival at destination, regasify it onboard, and transfer it to shore via pipelines built on the seabed. SRVs can also serve as conventional LNG carriers, transporting LNG to discharge at receiving terminals.

This versatility allows SRVs to serve LNG importing nations without requiring the construction of new or additional LNG terminals on shore, a key point for today’s emerging markets. The SRV is considered by many as a cutting edge innovative LNG transport and delivery technology.



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Freight Trains Derailment in Dallas-Pack n send in Houston Notices

Posted on Tue, Aug 31, 2010

Picture of GBRF Coal Train - Free Pictures - FreeFoto.comWhile freight train derailments are unusual in Texas, this article show that more than freight can be affected.  Since both passenger trains and freight trains share the same rails, service interruptions can occur when either service is halted.

Most small freight from our warehouse is taken via truck and boat.

FORT WORTH — A freight train derailment overnight has interrupted Trinity Railway Express commuter rail service between Fort Worth and Dallas.

Three of seven cars carrying coal overturned near downtown Fort Worth around midnight Sunday. The cars were part of the BNSF freight train, which shares the Union Pacific tracks with the TRE.

The transit agency, which is jointly operated by The T and DART, says it will be Wednesday morning before regular service resumes.

Trains will operate no further than the Richland Hills station until then. Buses will ferry TRE passengers between Richland Hills and the rail line's ITC and T&P stations in downtown Fort Worth.

TRE officials say commuters can expect delays until regular service is restored.

Pack n send ships most of its small freight via truck, air and boat.

For information about freight and  cargo from Houston, please feel free to contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.

 This  article is taken from ABC news in Dallas.




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