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Transporting Trade Show Displays

Posted on Wed, Jun 13, 2018

Transporting Trade Show Displays

trade show displays at German trade show

There are as many types of trade shows as there are careers. Trade shows exist for almost every industry and serve to inform attendees of recent technological advances and new products or services. Everyone looks forward to wandering among the booths, learning about new developments, and collecting free promotional merchandise. Trade shows would not be possible without exhibitors and their booths. It seems almost magical that these little booths all appear and disappear at once, just in time for the show. However, most attendees give little thought to the effort required in transporting trade show displays!

Transporting Display Materials

One important aspect of booth display is transporting the display materials to and from the booth location. Most trade shows have a delivery window during which display materials may arrive at the show. Items must arrive during the delivery window so they will be available for setup in time for the show. It is also important to carefully pack all items to be sure they arrive safely. The display booth represents the company or organization it promotes, so all components of the booth should be in perfect order. Items such as display boards, tables, chairs, and backdrops must arrive in pristine condition and may require special attention when packing due to their size. 

Packing and Shipping Trade Show Displays as Freight

Trade show materials are frequently transported as freight. Packing freight and moving freight to another city does not have to be a difficult process. There are companies that specialize in packing freight and are skilled in moving freight to another city or returning it to its origin once the trade show is over. Display items can be packed in reusable crates to allow for quick re-packing and immediate shipping to other shows. Reusable crates also offer significant protection to the shipment as crates are strong and sturdy, even when stacked.

Learn More By Contacting Pack n Send!

If you have any questions about transporting trade show materials, please contact us to learn about all freight shipping options.

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International Shipping Tips: Sending Large Items From Houston to Israel

Posted on Sun, Apr 22, 2018

International Shipping Tips: Sending Large Items From Houston to Israel

city of Jerusalem in Israel

Israel is a country in a constant state of expansion, making it the perfect place to find buyers for large items like furniture and art.

Israeli institutions often go a step beyond simple utility. Consider the Hebrew University Medical Center, both a crucial hospital for treatment and research, as well as the host of the internationally renowned Chagall Windows. The 12 sequential stained glass panels by famed artist Marc Chagall tell the story of the Israelites, bringing in countless art aficionados to the kind of location that otherwise might be devoid of tourism.

Your Houston business likely has customers waiting for you in an eclectic, growing economy like Israel's. The first step? Sorting your process for international cargo shipping from Houston to Israel. Here are some tips to get you started:

Find A Trained Professional To Prepare Your Items

Furniture, antiques, art, and other items that are notoriously difficult to ship even domestically are some of the highest demand products from Israeli customers. 

You'll need your items to be packed securely in appropriate international cargo containers that meet both Israeli customs standards (especially proper marking, which we'll get into) as well as a unique fit based on your item's shape, material, and weight.

Consult with a certified Houston shipper trained in international shipping techniques for each type of item you plan to send. Give them all the information you can on your item, of course! For example, furniture crafted from softer wood might need different packing materials than a more robust variety, and it never hurts to make sure your international shipping partner is aware.

Follow Israeli Shipping Protocol

The most important aspect of international shipping from Houston to Israel is following Israel's particularly exacting standards for labeling. Trade regulations between the United States and Israel are not particularly harsh; however, their labeling standards for all international items are expected to provide more information than many countries require.

The U.S. embassy in Israel outlines the full details here. Make sure to read this document in full! Of particular note:

  • All information must be printed in Hebrew.
  • English translation is allowed, but the text cannot be larger than the primary Hebrew information.
  • Include your full business or personal address.
  • Include the full name, address, and business name of your Israeli importer/buyer.
  • Use contrasting colors between the background and text of your labels.
  • The weight or volume of the product must be marked visibly on the shipping crate, in metric units only.

Before You Sell, Know Your Restrictions

Israeli imports from the U.S. are very much open. The relationship between the two countries is close, and business relationships between U.S. and Israeli citizens are very much encouraged by both governments.

Most of the restrictions -- a full list is provided here -- are boilerplate for importing items into any country. A few notable exceptions relevant for Houston international shipping:

  • Gas grills are allowed, but they require contacting the Israeli Standards Institute to make sure they're acceptable for import.
  • Mobile phones require approval of the Ministry of Communications before sending.
  • Gambling machines of any kind are prohibited (notable for antiques dealers).

Find a Full-Service Shipper in Houston

Above all, you'll need a good Houston shipper with experience in international freight and packaging. To learn more about how to take on the challenge of safely shipping your large items to Israeli customers, don't hesitate to contact us today!


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How Can You Go About Shipping Electronics Safely?

Posted on Tue, Apr 17, 2018

How Can You Go About Shipping Electronics Safely?

business shipping electronics in office relocation

Shipping electronics  can be stressful. People who move will often keep their most important and expensive electronic devices in their cars in order to exercise maximum control over what happens to them. But if your business needs to ship large amounts of electronic equipment as part of a move or send an item from one location to another, that's not an option. You need to pack everything so it makes the trek safely and comes out of the truck without any damage.

There are specific methods of packing certain items, but a few general rules also apply.

The Best Tips For Shipping Electronics Safely

  • Break the equipment down into the largest number of separate components possible. Electronic equipment is often shaped in a way that does not make for easy packing (ie. not all sides are flat). By separating out as many parts of the equipment as you can, you make the flattest possible surfaces, allowing parts to sit flush against their boxes and not shift during transit. A box with contents that don't move is safest for those contents.
  • Use loose packing material that can fill in the small gaps. If you ship equipment that is irregularly shaped but also does not break into smaller pieces, your goal is still to minimize movement within the box. With lighter electronic items, anti-static packing peanuts that take up the open space can be enough. Heavier equipment may require more durable packing material such as Styrofoam. You can use anti-static packing material or some type of anti-static protection to keep the items safe from other kinds of packing material.
  • Double box items. Much like double-bagging at a grocery store, double boxing maximizes the safety of your equipment. Take the box with your item, put it in a larger box, fill it with more packing material, and ship. It can be reasonable to fit several smaller items in one much larger box, either stacking the smaller boxes together or separating them from each other with packing material. Regardless, make sure the packing material covers all four sides of the larger box. Electronics are fragile, and you don't want anything to break because the box tipped onto the one side without enough padding.

Use Pack n Send to Ensure Your Electronics Ship Safely

Shipping electronics requires more caution than the average office item, and needs to be done right the first time. Are you interested in hiring an experienced packing and shipping company to handle your electronics with the care they require? Contact us today!


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What You Need to Know About Shipping From Houston to Mexico

Posted on Thu, Apr 05, 2018

What You Need to Know About Shipping From Houston to Mexico

plane shipping items from houston to mexico

Houstonians are prone to having good business and personal relationships with Mexican businesses and friends -- certainly, the location encourages it! 

The everyday casual nature of communications between Texans and Mexicans makes it easy to forget that, due to customs regulations, international trade laws, and more, shipping from Houston to Mexico is actually something of a complex process. Shipping companies in Houston, Texas generally have experience with the process, but hiccups remain common.

Here are the basics on what you need to know to make sure your item gets over the border:

Shipping Restrictions to Mexico

Outside of the complex customs process, which we'll address shortly, there are few barriers to shipping items from Houston to Mexico.

Due to fluctuating exchange rates and tariffs, many items shipped from Houston to Mexico are not heavily regulated, like video game consoles and other consumer electronics, vinyl records  and even simple kitchen or home appliances.


Notable restrictions to keep in mind before shipping:

  • Textiles are limited. If shipping raw materials, you'll have to apply to do so first.
  • Cosmetics and toiletries require prior approval from the Mexican Department of Public Health before shipping.
  • Coins, precious stones, or jewelry made of precious metals/stones are prohibited.

Set Up Your Shipment Beforehand

There's a bit more documentation than average required for shipping from the U.S. to Mexico, despite sharing a direct border!

First, of the many shipping companies in Houston, Texas shipping to Mexico, try to go with one that has a great deal of experience with the process and lots of positive feedback from customers. Changing customs requirements are always a complex process to navigate, but more importantly you'll appreciate the advice they'll pass along for getting your Mexican customer the information they need to receive your shipment.

Lucky for you, much of the process happens from the receiving end in Mexico. They will arrange a Mexican-based shipping company to pick your item up from customs, examine it for proper documentation, and finally reach the destination.

You'll need to let your recipient know when you're sending the item and arrange the process to have their carrier pick it up. An experienced Houston shipping company will help you smooth this process along and help  eliminate issues along the way.

Go Through Your Shipping Checklist

Before shipping, make sure you have all your bases covered, especially for commercial-level transactions. One of the better shipping companies in Houston, Texas will have the know-how to guide you through the process, but in the interest of being prepared, here is the documentation you'll absolutely need to have in order and affixed to your packaging:

  • Import/Export form
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Bill of Lading
  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin (for commercial transactions)

Find the Right Houston Shipping Company

Few Houston shipping companies will have zero experience with sending items to Mexico. However, you'll want to make sure you go with a company that has both years of experience with the process and prioritizes staying on top of the rapidly changing standards and requirements. To learn more about the right way to minimize issues getting your items across the border, contact us today!


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International Tips and Tricks: Shipping From Houston To the United Kingdom

Posted on Thu, Mar 15, 2018

International Tips and Tricks: Shipping From Houston To the United Kingdom


The United States and the United Kingdom share a language and (to an extent!) a culture. Because of this special relationship, private citizens and businesses alike are prone to finding themselves with the need to send items directly from the U.S. to the U.K., especially from economic hotbeds like Houston.

Despite the similarities between the two nations, shipping to the U.K. does have numerous quirks to navigate. Here are a few notable things to watch out for, some tips on securing your items, and a sampling of the types of restrictions you might run into:

Familiarize Yourself With Import Restrictions

The United Kingdom has relatively strict requirements for imports, which items sent through a Houston shipper will be subject to regardless of the recipient.

The U.S. government maintains a helpful document that covers the major restrictions, while the U.K. updates their full list here.  We recommend at least reading through the U.S. summary (it's not that long!), but here are some selected examples of restrictions relevant to sending items through your local Houston shipper:

  • Self-defense sprays, like pepper spray
  • Meat and dairy products produced outside the EU
  • Plants that aren't sent directly to the recipient for personal consumption
  • Coins or precious stones
  • Live fish

As you can see at a glance, these are relatively obscure restrictions, some stemming from the broader sphere of EU regulations. Exceptions for many situations can be applied for with the U.K. government.

Special note: If you're considering sending raw wood or bark through your Houston shipper, the U.K. and by extension the EU have major restrictions on the species and the condition of the wood, largely as a measure to prevent the spread of invasive insects or other tree blights. 

How To Prepare Your Items For International Shipping Conditions

Our close relationship with the U.K. doesn't remove the unfortunate fact that your items will have to survive the rigors of international shipping and processing through customs before they reach their destination.

Large or small items need to be packed securely and meet labeling standards for the recipient country. It is recommended to take extra steps to secure your items.

For large items, a local custom crater in Houston is the best option. They'll make sure your item is packed to arrive without issue, handle the rigors of scrutiny by customs, and pass along any warnings if they know of any restrictions you might run into.

Special note: Shipping items to Northern Ireland requires both the city name and the county name fully legible on the shipping label.

Shipping From Houston, TX to the United Kingdom

If you're looking for the right Houston shipping company to ship your good to the United Kingdom, look no further than Pack n Send!

You can contact us at Pack n Send to learn more about the particulars of getting your items packed professionally and our of guarantee a safe, legal trip to your recipient.

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International Freight Shipping From Houston to China

Posted on Mon, Mar 12, 2018

International Freight Shipping From Houston to China


We're Shipping to China More Than Ever Before

Changes in worldwide trade have led to China's rapidly rising status as an influential economic presence. Local businesses are finding themselves shipping from Houston to China more and more, meaning they must know Houston international shipping regulatons! Private citizens as well are more likely than ever to end up sending large items to Chinese customers or friends, so they to must know how this shipping process works.

International freight service from Houston to China is a major area of growth for shippers. However, the relatively new habit of doing regular business with Chinese citizens means not everyone is familiar with the ins and outs of shipping from Houston to China.

Here are some basic tips that should be especially helpful for making sure your items make it through the rigors of shipping and handling smoothly when shipping from Houston to China.

Know Which Items Are Restricted

China is increasingly open for trade, but remains a relatively managed economy. More than most shipping destinations, it's helpful to know going in which items you can and can't ship to China from Houston.

The U.S. government provides a regularly updated summary of notable restrictions here. Most of the key details are in this article, including important resources for contacting Chinese agencies directly. 

Here are some select restricted items that may be particularly beneficial to know:

  • Used garments of any kind
  • Local Chinese currency
  • Media deemed harmful to Chinese cultural interests
  • Used cars or car components
  • Seeds/Seedlings

Know Your Textile Restrictions

This is relevant particularly for businesses. China has very specific guidelines for the import of textiles, with export limits on many raw materials for industrial goods.

In addition to the U.S. export article linked above, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce maintains a full list of restricted textiles here. This article is in Chinese, so you may have to use your browser's translation feature to read it.

For Houston businesses, some key textile restrictions for freight service from Houston to China are:

  • Raw materials for plastics
  • Raw cotton
  • Steel that hasn't been machined yet

Minimize Risk With a Specialized Freight Service

Freight service from Houston to China is an inevitably rough trip for your items! This is due to the long trip as well as the need to process through customs, a portion of the path to your recipient that U.S. shippers have no role in.

Using a shipper that specializes in international shipping is a huge help in making sure your items are packed properly for the rigors of the trip.

Find a freight service Houston businesses rely on regularly, and let them handle the packing process. This eliminates any errors an inexperienced international shipper might run into, and it ensures your freight items will make it smoothly through the customs process.

If you have any further questions about Houston international shipping to China, don't hesitate to contact us today!


Contact US

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Houston Art Shipping Experts

Posted on Thu, Mar 01, 2018

Houston Art Shipping Experts


When shipping a work of art, there's no doubt that you're looking for a reliable company you can trust to safely deliver your package no matter where it's being sent. Whether the art has a high dollar value or simply a high emotional value, you want to make sure it ends up at it's destination in one piece! Houston art shipping experts know the best ways to package and crate different kinds of art, utilizing different methods and materials for wrapping and crating depending on the need.

Who Uses Shipping Companies to Ship Art?

Art needs to be shipped in all sorts of situations. Here are some common ones we see in the industry:

  • The artist is transporting a work of art to a buyer.
  • A private buyer is buying a work of art from another collector.
  • An artist is shipping their body of work to a museum or gallery for a show.
  • A museum is lending work from their collection to another museum for an exhibit.
  • A museum is returning art they borrowed for an exhibit.
  • Art is being transferred in the distribution of an estate.
  • Art is being bought or sold at an auction, like Sotheby's or Christie's.

How Do Shipping Companies Transport Art?

Depending on the medium of the art, a shipping company will use different methods. Houston shipping experts can make custom crates for sculptures and other uniquely shaped works of art. For paintings, a custom crate is made to the exact dimensions of the painting.

The shipping company will also wrap paintings or drawings in a special paper for another layer of protection. If the work of art will be making a return trip (like it was just on loan for an exhibit), a shipping company will make a reusable crate so the art can return in the same crate it came in.

Contact the Art Shipping Experts at Pack n Send

If you need assistance with art shipping in Houston, contact us today at Pack n Send. We have decades of experience shipping valuable art for clients all over the world. When you use us to ship your art, you can rest assured that the process will be simple, fast, and most importantly, safe.


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3 Signs of a Spectacular Shipping Company in Houston

Posted on Wed, Feb 07, 2018

3 Signs of a Spectacular Shipping Company in Houston:


Often times, people in Houston have the need to ship large items from an estate or business across the globe to various locations. This can be a cumbersome procedure without the proper Houston shipping company!

For example, when a loved one passes away, the person may have a large estate of items that he or she wishes to disperse to different family members. When the family members live in different states or even another country, this presents a challenge for the person handling the estate. That's why it's important to look for these three signs when you're searching for a shipping company in Houston.


1) Special Shipping For Different Jobs

Not all items can be shipped in the same manner. You may have large pieces of furniture that require huge pallets in order to move and ship them while other furniture pieces may be small and only require the use of a small moving truck. You surely don't want to put a tiny load unto huge pallet shipping containers, and at the same time, you don't or can't cram a large load into a small moving truck! That's why it's important to secure a shipping company that has a variety of moving equipment and methods.


2) Careful Wrapping For Prized Possessions

Many people own prized artwork or special possessions that are extremely valuable. These unique pieces of art require careful transporting so they will not be damaged. Finding a shipping company in Houston that takes care to wrap with multiple layers of protection is essential if there are valuables to be moved.


3) Custom Built Boxes For Unique Items

Often times, there isn't a one-size-fits-all box for items. Some things are shaped in an unusual manner and may need a custom approach. That's where custom-built boxes come in handy! If a shipping company can build a box for you to perfectly fit a uniquely-shaped and costly item, then you know your item is in good hands.


Pack n Send Delivers Outstanding Service

If you have a situation that requires shipping out various large and small furniture items to anywhere in the United States or internationally, then contact Pack n Send today for more information! We're the best in the business, and we take pride in making sure your package is shipped safely and quickly.


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Is There a Way to Get Truly Free Package Shipping?

Posted on Tue, Jan 15, 2013

Suzanne Johnston wrote an article on Jan 9, 2013 asking if free shipping is worth it. Being a Houston shipping company we were very interested in her thoughts.

I guess that the best way to summarize her article is that nothing is really free.  Shipping costs are somehow passed on to consumers, whether they are aware of them or not.  Look at all the websites that offer shipping free if you only spend say fifty or one hundred dollars. You may have entered the website hoping to spend twenty five dollars. Just think, if you double your budget, you can save on the shipping charges.

Is this really a savings to you?  We do not think so. This is a way to get you, the consumer to spend more money on their website.  Did you really need two sets of pans or two blenders?  Probably not, but you now have “free shipping”.

It seems that every January both Fed Ex and UPS raise their rates.  Even at five per cent, the increase in rates appears to be higher than the rate of inflation. We thing that this is one of the reasons that the “free shipping” bargain appeals to many shoppers

As these rates go up, we are noticing more websites offering “free shipping” with the United States Postal Service.  Since these orders are difficult to trace, the time you spend looking for your lost item, may be more than the money you would have spent shipping via UPS or Fed Ex.  On both of their websites, information is quickly updated and you can track the actual progress of shipments.

At pack n send we prefer to give our customers a tracking number so that they can watch as their package moves from one location to another. This lets our customer know when their package was delivered.  If we request a signature, they can even see who signed for their package.    This past year we began tweets about ways to make your shipping experience easier when shipping gifts.

Our most important suggestion was to always verify the recipients address before you send out a shipment. During the year, individuals and companies may move. While their email and phone numbers may have stayed the same, their physical address may have changed.  It is much easier to ship a package to the recipient’s correct address rather than have the package rerouted or redelivered when you have shipped it to a bad address.


We have a few other tips when you are shipping on your own:

Always use a sturdy box when shipping. Remember that when you ship with a common carrier, the box may be tossed, thrown, and put on a conveyor belt. Our best suggestion is to see if you can press down on the box and leave an impression. If the flaps of the box move, you probably have not provided enough padding. For delicate items, we recommend using 5/16 inch bubble and then Styrofoam peanuts that are tightly packed inside the box.

Do not wrap your box in a brown paper bag. The bag may get torn or completely taken off the box when the box is on the conveyor belt. It is a much better idea to use a sturdy box, and put the label directly on the box. If your paper bag is separated from your package, then the item you have sent will not be delivered.

When shipping for any holiday, do not wait until the last minute to ship your item.  The heavier the shipping load for the major carriers, the higher the probability that a mistake could happen.  If you wait until the last minute, you may not be able to ship via ground. Ground shipping is generally less expensive than air shipping.

If you would like any other information about packing or shipping in Houston or in the rest of the country, please feel free to contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.

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Shipping Companies in Houston TX -How to pick a Shipping Company

Posted on Tue, Apr 10, 2012

When analyzing shipping companies, we have a few recommendations.

These recommendations apply to shipping companies throughout the world. 

Look for a company that can ship anything almost everywhere. Remember, there are a few countries that are embargoed, so no one is legally permitted to ship to these countries. 

Look for a full service company that can ship via UPS, Dhl, Federal Express, freight, and offer moving services. 

 Look for a company that offers pick up and delivery service.

Look for a company that offers full value coverage.

Look for a company that has been in business over 30 years.

Look for a company that retains experienced employees.

Look for a company that builds their custom crates on site.

Look for a company that can build custom pallets for international shipping.

Look for a company that can receive freight on your behalf.

Look for a company that can assist with estate shipping.

Look for a company that offers document shredding services.

Look for a company that offers domestic and international shipping.

Look for a company that sells discounted boxes for people who would like to pack on their own.

Look for a company that can ship servers. 

Look for a company that can offer a small move. 

When looking for shipping companies in Houston,Texas, we recommend pack n  send. They possess all of the qualifications listed above. 

Please feel free to call pack n send at 713 266 1450 for additional advice choosing the correct shipping company to meet your business or individual needs.

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