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How To Ship a Dining Room Set

Posted on Wed, Jun 06, 2018

How To Ship a Dining Room Set

couple shipping dining room set

Moving Furniture is a Daunting Task

It's funny how your perfectly scaled furniture turns into Jurassic Park when you're facing a move. The nicely proportioned sideboard fits beautifully between the windows in your dining room and the mirror above it is sublime, but when you start thinking of actually moving things out and onto a truck and then into a new house, it gets overwhelming fast. 

The thought of how to ship a dining room set can be the most daunting, since you've got several large pieces, chairs, and the accompanying china and crystal to consider. If you're moving locally, your things will be blanket wrapped for moving; if it's a longer distance, then they can be either blanket wrapped and move with a traditional moving truck or wrapped and put on a pallet and shipped via freight.  The only items that may need to be crated  are glass or marble top tables or sculptures.

What's The Best Way To Ship a Dining Room Set?

Most modern large furniture is built to come apart. If you are moving yourself and space is at a premium, look underneath the table and you'll probably see where the legs detach. Same thing for a hutch or secretary or corner cupboard--they're really two pieces, and will be taken apart to wrap and move. It's not a bad idea to keep Ziploc bags handy for the hardware--the last thing you need is to lose the screws for the table legs.

If your table has a marble or glass top, that will be removed and wrapped in bubble wrap before putting them inside a custom built box or crate.  Mirrors can be blanket wrapped and if you have a chandelier, you may want to hang it inside of a custom built box.

One of the reasons you'll want the moving company to move you is because they have experience moving valuable items. If you tell them you have eight dining chairs and they assume they're all wood side chairs, imagine the surprise when they get to your house and find eight large upholstered armchairs that take up as much room on the truck as the rest of your dining room. Give the movers a true list of the items that you need moved, or show them everything when they come out to give you an estimate.

Obviously you'll clear out the china cabinet, sideboard, and silver chest so those fragile and valuable things can be individually wrapped and packed.  If you are packing yourself, mark the boxes as fragile and do not over pack these boxes.  You can also ask your mover to come out a day ahead of the move and professionally pack your valuable belongings.

Contact Pack n Send For Help

If you're planning a move, give us a call at Pack-n-Send. We've been shipping households across Houston and around the world since 1981.


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Moving a Dining Table--How They Did It In Olde England and Today

Posted on Sat, May 05, 2018

Moving a Dining Table--How It Was Done In Olde England and Today

family moving a dining table into new house

Dining Tables: The Heart of the Home

Your dining table is the heartbeat of your house. For most families, that's where life happens--not only do you clear it off occasionally for meals, but that's where you drink your morning coffee, the kids do homework, and in a pinch it's good for changing a baby. The more casual way we live today has rendered the old formal dining tables a bit obsolete, but dining tables have evolved so much over the centuries that this is just one more stop along the way.

The History of Dining Tables

The earliest tables were probably used by ancient Egyptians. Those tables were wood, carved out of a single tree trunk, and short, like a contemporary coffee table. Diners sat on the floor to eat. The Greeks and Romans got in on the concept a bit later, using ornate marble slabs for the surface. The word "table" comes from the Latin tabula, which roughly translates to a board or plank. 

The earliest European dining tables were trestle tables, which looked just like a modern picnic table. Benches for sitting were attached to the underside of the table's surface, so when the lady of the house spring cleaned, replacing the old floor rushes and cleaning the really disgusting parts of the dirt floor was an easier job. Moving a dining table outside was the men's job--they would probably unscrew the benches and take it outside. When the cleaning was done, they'd bring the parts back in and screw the benches back on. 

Fast forward several centuries - if you landed in staid Victorian England, you'd find the table legs hidden with a large cloth. After all, legs were a naughty thing to see--even a carved column of wood--and the more puritanical households covered them all lest someone have impure thoughts. 

Moving a Dining Table With Pack n Send

These days, you can find dining tables in all materials, from the traditional hardwoods, to glass, metal, or new-age resins. And the traditional legs have given way to wood, metal, or acrylic bases--anything goes when it comes to the table!

Whatever your table is made of, it deserves the very best care when you're moving. Pack-n-send has decades of experience moving all kinds of dining room furniture, so you can depend on us to treat your table like the future family heirloom it is. 


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Moving A Mattress--Traveling Like Kings of Old

Posted on Fri, Apr 27, 2018

Moving A Mattress--Traveling Like Kings of Old

couple moving a mattress into new home

Few would argue that your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your house. After all, you spend a third of your life sleeping on it! So when it's time to think of moving your mattress and bed to the new house, take care! Your mattress is a top priority--most people can get rid of a sofa without batting an eye, but your bed is personal--and where you go, it goes.

Moving a Mattress in the Middle Ages

Way back in the middle ages, that was the reality--if you went anywhere (and you usually didn't) you would take your bed, and the rest of your furniture, along with you. Even if your hosts had a room for you, unless they were very wealthy they would not have a bed or a mattress. When English and French royalty went on their summer "progress", the king and queen's beds went along, too. Their beds were seen as part of their trappings of state, like the throne chair they traveled with, or the canopy that covered the chair.

The Bedding of Wealthy Nobles

Although the actual mattresses would be small by today's California King standards (unless the bed belonged to Henry VIII), the beds themselves were magnificent. They were typically a dark wood like walnut and ornate--heavily carved with symbols and badges important to the monarch. These beds stood on raised platforms, had four large columns, and also had sort of a scaffolded canopy frame. The headboard stood several feet over the mattress so that the hangings would create an enclosed sleeping space. 

A king's bed hangings also went on the progress--again, even the wealthiest noblemen would not have hangings as ornate as the kings, and if he did he'd best hide them before the monarch came calling! To have any possessions that rivaled the king's was a threat to the royal ego and made for an uncomfortable visit. The bed hangings provided not only privacy, as there were always guards and courtiers hanging around, but also helped keep the king warm on cold winter nights. 

Moving a Mattress Today

While it is true that old European royalty took their beds with them when they moved around, they also had somebody else to take the thing apart. You're lucky in that you not only don't have to move yards of heavy bed hangings, all you really need is a screwdriver or two and a helper to take your bed apart.

If you're feeling entirely too royal to find the screwdrivers, let Pack-n-Send do it for you--we've been treating Houstonians like kings and queens since 1981! We will move your bed, bedroom set , all of your furniture and household belongings.


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Finding Shipping Companies and Single Piece Furniture Shippers in Houston

Posted on Mon, Apr 02, 2018

Finding Shipping Companies and Single Piece Furniture Shippers in Houston

shipping company in Houston discussing business

People use shipping companies for a variety of purposes. A good shipping company can do it all. Single piece furniture shippers can send a bed off to a college student from their parent's home a few states away. Other shipping companies can move your entire home overseas if needed. They also ship for individuals as well as businesses. If you are needing to get something from here to there and aren't sure where to begin, this blog lists some of the services shipping companies provide.

Moving a Single Piece of Furniture: 

When you're moving a single piece of furniture, movers and shippers will load the piece of furniture up in a truck and get it to where it needs to go. If the piece of furniture is going overseas, it will can be palletized and sent via air or sea.

Distributing an Estate:

When a loved one dies, a shipping company can help distribute family heirlooms, possessions, and furniture to other family members throughout the country. This article from shares some important ideas on splitting an estate between siblings that you may find helpful.

Bringing Inventory Right to Your Business: 

If you run a business, you will have the option to discuss with the shipping company if you will need to come to a shipping center to pick up your inventory or if they will do curbside delivery. Inventory can also be sent to a receiving warehouse un-palletized and then shipped to you directly.

Shipping Large Amounts of Freight:

Whether you are shipping your entire household or all the furniture of a business, it is best to get all the furniture into one shipment if possible. The furniture can be palletized and then transported, or else placed on a moving truck and driven to its destination.

At Pack n Send in Houston, we can help you with all of these shipping needs and more. Contact us today for more information!


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Freight Your Furniture or Move Your Furniture?

Posted on Sat, Mar 31, 2018

Freight Your Furniture or Move Your Furniture?

woman moving furniture couch

When it comes to packing, shipping, moving, and freighting furniture, it can be confusing to know which methods are going to be the most cost effective and which ones are even appropriate. In this blog post we hope to answer some of your questions about freight shipping and moving furniture so you can figure out what steps to take next.

How can I send just one piece of furniture?

A good shipping company is happy to help you move even just one piece of furniture. Whether that means moving a desk in a truck from one office to another across town or freighting that desk across the ocean to a buyer overseas, a shipping company can do either one. It's important to make sure the company doesn't have any weight minimums before you begin. 

How do I choose between air shipping and freight shipping?

The costs vary between these two methods based on the speed you need and the size of your shipment. When freighting by sea, the charge is based on the size in cubic meters of your furniture. Ocean transportation generally costs less and can hold more, but also takes longer. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, a sea shipment from China to the U.S. takes anywhere from two to four weeks. Air shipping is based on the weight and the size of the shipment, and is usually more expensive but much quicker.

What if I'm not able to unload the shipment myself?

Talk with your shipping company and most will give you the option to choose between unloading the shipment yourself with curbside delivery or inside delivery.

What if I'm in Houston and am moving a long distance?

If you need help with long distance moving in Houston, a packing and shipping company can move your items in a truck if you are moving within the continent. If you are moving overseas, you can have your belongings shipped overseas via air or sea as we mentioned earlier. For tips on moving to another country, check out this post from The Spruce.

We know this might not answer all of your questions about freight shipping and furniture shipping, but hopefully it will give you some idea of where to start. At Pack n Send we can help you with any packing, moving, and freight shipping needs you have, so please feel free to contact us!


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3 Things to Do When Shipping Furniture by Freight

Posted on Tue, Mar 06, 2018

3 Things to Do When Shipping Furniture by Freight


Nothing is more heartbreaking than receiving a package and finding out that the contents have been damaged or broken, especially when shipping furniture by freight. Here are three things you can do before and after shipping furniture by freight to ensure that your experience is positive.

1) Get a quote

The first step when shipping furniture by freight is to get a quote from a reputable company. Before calling you will need to know specifics such as what you're shipping, its size and weight, and where you're shipping to and from. If this seems confusing, most shipping companies will have a free "Request a Quote" page on their website which will help ensure they have all the information needed to ship your piece of furniture.

2) Pack your item securely

When shipping furniture by freight, ensuring that your item has been properly packaged can be the difference between having a beautiful, intact piece of furniture at the end of the shipping process or one that has been scratched or broken. Make sure that you protect the corners of your furniture with cardboard. One inch thick styrofoam is placed on top of your item and cardboard is also placed underneath as well as on the top to provide additional support and protection. Upholstered furniture should especially be completely covered and padded to protect from ripping or staining the fabric.

3) Check your package thoroughly before signing

When receiving freight-shipped items, the most important thing to do is check your packages for any damage before signing to accept it. The shipping company tries to ensure safe travel for your items, but sometimes in transit things shift and furniture becomes damaged or broken. When you sign for a shipment you are agreeing that you have inspected the shipment and there was no damage when you received your furniture. If you don't check your item before signing, then you are held liable for the damage, even if it occurred before or during shipping!

If you discover an issue during your inspection, the proper protocol is to write in large letters on the receiving paperwork the type and extent of the damage. Then make a copy of this paperwork before you hand the paper back to the driver. This proves that the damage occurred before you received the item and you will either be reimbursed for the damage or receive a replacement!

Shipping Furniture? Contact Pack n Send Today!

By doing these 3 things you can be certain that you will have a positive experience when shipping furniture by freight. Another great step you can take is to use Pack n Send as your shipping company - we're experts in the Houston Shipping Industry, and we guarantee you'll be pleased with the services we provide. Contact us today to learn more!


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Furniture Shipping for Individuals, Designers & Decorators

Posted on Mon, Jul 07, 2014

Are you looking into furniture shipping options?

A designer or decorator  may be looking to ship individual furniture items. Someone settling an estate may want to move furniture to a few different locations so a variety of loved ones can each have a memory to cherish. When people are moving an entire house it is easy to determine the shipping process but what about when just one or a couple items need to be relocated? Here are some things to consider when you are looking to move small amounts of furniture.


The first question that should be addressed is how the items will be handled. Are all items crated or can cost savings occur with blanket wrapping instead? Is palletizing an option? If it is blanket wrapped it can be sent with movers whereas palletized pieces can ship with freight companies. Will small items be moved via UPS, FedEx, or DHL?
Also inquire if the furniture items will be completely protected during packing. Are fragile items packed accordingly so they are safe and secure?

Minimum Shipping Load

Is there a minimum shipping load? If you are looking to only ship a small amount of furniture or just one item you will want to find a company that doesn't have a minimum requirement. If you are shipping to multiple locations it is important that a minimum for each destination isn't required. Find a company that is willing to handle a single piece of furniture or an entire truckload.


It is possible that a small amount of furniture will need to be moved overseas. Look for a company that has experience handling overseas moves. Each country has different rules and regulations so it is important that the movers be familiar with the destination country. In addition there will likely be paperwork for an overseas move and a knowledgeable company will know how to process it.

How is the furniture received? When shipping via freight, ideally the furniture will be received into a warehouse and inspected prior to delivery to the final recipient. This will verify the furniture is in the anticipated condition.

At Pack n Send we treat each and every order individually to ensure the safest and most cost effective method is implemented. We routinely ship small amounts of furniture for customers and have no minimum requirement. We are familiar with overseas shipping to numerous countries. Contact us to learn more and obtain a furniture shipping quote.

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