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How do I send furniture across country asks a college mom?

Posted on Fri, Mar 01, 2013

With college graduation shortly after spring break, it is time for both parents and students to plan what to do with college belongings and furniture after graduation. For students staying in the city that they graduate in, it may mean a cross city move. For students moving to another city, it may be time to look at moving alternatives.

If a student is moving in the same city, we recommend using movers. Many students have sat and studied for four or more years. They may not own the proper moving equipment such as gloves or moving dollies. They may not know how to handle furniture when moving up and down stairs, and they may not know how to load a truck properly.

Some parents opt for a dedicated moving truck to move everything back home or to the student’s new college campus. While this is an expensive option, both the parents and student can schedule a precise pick up delivery day and time. Since more and more parents have decorated their college room or apartment using a decorator, the old standby of just give is all away is rarely applying to the modern college student.

With the advent of custom headboards, curtains and bed spreads, most parents want their children to hold on to college accessories.

If the student has simply shopped at garage sales for their furniture or at second hand stores, it may be less costly to sell the items to the next class of college students that will arrive at the college. Sometimes it is just easier to hold onto a reuse these already purchased items.

In this blog, we would like to review a few shipping options for college students. There is the truck rental.  Along with gas expenses and hotel expenses, parents need to make sure that college student have the capability to drive a large truck a long distance. For college students living in major cities, the student may have taken public transportation during their entire college experience. Now is probably not the time to ask them to drive a large vehicle. 

For students used to driving a small economy car, a large truck may prove unwieldy.

Why not look at  shipping furniture cross the country via freight? You can arrange to have the furniture picked up on a requested day.  The furniture will be packed, and loaded and strapped onto a pallet. Be sure to ask if the company loading the pallet adds protection to all four corners. One by fours are standard for bracing the outside of the pallet.

The pallet containing the furniture will then be shipped via freight. We recommend asking the freight preparation company to wrap the pallet in black stretch wrap. This way, not even the company shipping your furniture can see the contents of the pallet.

The pallet with your furniture will be delivered with curbside delivery to your student. Your student and friends can then unload the pallet and take the furniture directly to your student’s room. There is an option that does include inside delivery in many parts of the country.

The freight company will then call a day ahead of time to arrange the curb side delivery of your furniture.

Inside delivery of freighted furniture is more expensive than curb side delivery, but will make the move quite easy on the parent.

With the delivery being set up a day ahead of time you or your student can be prepared with helpers on hand to assist with the unloading of the furniture.

For more information about moving a small amount of furniture, please feel free to contact pack n send in Houston at 713 266 1450.


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