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Chandelier Shipping Houston

Posted on Fri, Feb 18, 2011


Swarovski crystal chandelier

With new homes adding chandeliers as enticement to purchase homes and older residences  adding chandeliers as an  enhancement,  chandeliers are now being shipped throughout the world

Most chandeliers are now made out of crystal, wrought iron, wood or ceramic.  

 For shipping purposes specialized crates must be for each chandelier. The crates need to be lined with Styrofoam, and then the chandelier must be  hung for shipping. The chandelier needs to be braced or fill the space with peanuts for safe travel.

 For crystal and glass chandeliers pieces will need to be cushioned separately with soft Styrofoam or bubble wrap. Each and every chandelier will need to be looked at separately to determine the safest way to pack it for safe shipping. Designers and private individuals ship chandeliers as well as individuals purchasing chandeliers for overseas shipping.

Office buildings throughout the country are hanging chandeliers in their atriums.

In Texas, deer antler chandeliers are popular.  These also require special wrapping and packing before placement inside specially made crates.

When looking for someone to crate your chandelier look for a company that has expertise shipping delicate and high value items.  Make sure that you chandelier is fully valued for both loss and damage.

For more information on safe chandelier shipping, please fell free to contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.


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