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International Shipping to Australia-See Restrictions

Posted on Thu, Jun 05, 2014

International Shipping to Australia has its own rules, regulations, and restrictions just like other countries do. It is important that you be aware of these rules before sending anything to Australia.

Items Prohibited From Being Sent:
1.    Bank notes, coins, currency, checks.
2.    Platinum, gold, and silver (unless it's jewelry, see the restrictions section below for more info).
3.    Precious stones (unless it's part of jewelry, see the restrictions section below for more info).
4.    New or used fruit cartons.
5.    Goods with the name "Anzac" on them.
6.    Any goods produced (in whole or even by part) by slave labor or by prisoners.
7.    Perishable infectious biological substances.
8.    Radioactive materials.
9.    Registered philatelic articles with fake addresses.
10.    Silencers for guns.
11.    Materials which inspire revolt or rebellions.
12.    Used bedding.
Restrictions When Shipping to Australia:
Some items only have restrictions on them and are not completely banned. Pay close attention to these specific restrictions.
1.    Jewelry may be sent so long as it is sent as an insured package using the priority mail international service.
2.    Most jewelry can be sent using the above guidelines EXCEPT: Jewelry made using ivory or other parts of endangered species.
3.    Meat, animal products, powdered milk, concentrated milk, and other dairy products all require permission from the Australian quarantine authorities before they can be shipped.
4.    In order to ship medication, permission must be granted from the Australian Director-General of Health.

There are also size limits in regards to the maximum and minimum size that is permitted to be shipped.

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