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What You Need to Know About Shipping From Houston to Mexico

Posted on Thu, Apr 05, 2018

What You Need to Know About Shipping From Houston to Mexico

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Houstonians are prone to having good business and personal relationships with Mexican businesses and friends -- certainly, the location encourages it! 

The everyday casual nature of communications between Texans and Mexicans makes it easy to forget that, due to customs regulations, international trade laws, and more, shipping from Houston to Mexico is actually something of a complex process. Shipping companies in Houston, Texas generally have experience with the process, but hiccups remain common.

Here are the basics on what you need to know to make sure your item gets over the border:

Shipping Restrictions to Mexico

Outside of the complex customs process, which we'll address shortly, there are few barriers to shipping items from Houston to Mexico.

Due to fluctuating exchange rates and tariffs, many items shipped from Houston to Mexico are not heavily regulated, like video game consoles and other consumer electronics, vinyl records  and even simple kitchen or home appliances.


Notable restrictions to keep in mind before shipping:

  • Textiles are limited. If shipping raw materials, you'll have to apply to do so first.
  • Cosmetics and toiletries require prior approval from the Mexican Department of Public Health before shipping.
  • Coins, precious stones, or jewelry made of precious metals/stones are prohibited.

Set Up Your Shipment Beforehand

There's a bit more documentation than average required for shipping from the U.S. to Mexico, despite sharing a direct border!

First, of the many shipping companies in Houston, Texas shipping to Mexico, try to go with one that has a great deal of experience with the process and lots of positive feedback from customers. Changing customs requirements are always a complex process to navigate, but more importantly you'll appreciate the advice they'll pass along for getting your Mexican customer the information they need to receive your shipment.

Lucky for you, much of the process happens from the receiving end in Mexico. They will arrange a Mexican-based shipping company to pick your item up from customs, examine it for proper documentation, and finally reach the destination.

You'll need to let your recipient know when you're sending the item and arrange the process to have their carrier pick it up. An experienced Houston shipping company will help you smooth this process along and help  eliminate issues along the way.

Go Through Your Shipping Checklist

Before shipping, make sure you have all your bases covered, especially for commercial-level transactions. One of the better shipping companies in Houston, Texas will have the know-how to guide you through the process, but in the interest of being prepared, here is the documentation you'll absolutely need to have in order and affixed to your packaging:

  • Import/Export form
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Bill of Lading
  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin (for commercial transactions)

Find the Right Houston Shipping Company

Few Houston shipping companies will have zero experience with sending items to Mexico. However, you'll want to make sure you go with a company that has both years of experience with the process and prioritizes staying on top of the rapidly changing standards and requirements. To learn more about the right way to minimize issues getting your items across the border, contact us today!


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International Shipping to Mexico: Rules That May Surprise You

Posted on Fri, Apr 25, 2014

Bordering the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea is the United Mexican States. It’s known for many things, including its pre-Columbian period inhabitants, stunning beaches and out-of-this world foods. They are so well known in fact, that thousands of Americans flock to the warm weather country each year to visit or purchase second homes. What many might not realize is international shipping to Mexico can be tricky without the right guidance.

For example, Mexico’s federal presidential constitutional republic government has a list of items that they will not let people ship into their country. Some of the items on the list many Americans may find odd. For example, despite offering access to a variety of cycling trails, it is against the law to ship bicycles to three of the country’s major commercial ports.
And that’s not all. The list of other items that cannot be imported into the country includes, but is not confined to the following:
•    Garbage Pail Kids Cards or Bubble Gum Trading Packs
•    Used Shoes Unless They’re Personal Possessions
•    Chocolate Cigars and/or Candy Cigarettes
•    Fish, Frozen or Living
•    Turtle Skins or Eggs
•    Used Electronics
•    Meats

In addition to the above, Mexican officials also restrict the influx of a wide range of unexpected items too. Just check-out our short list of restricted items below:
•    Barbie Dolls and Stuffed Animals
•    Chinese-Style Clothing
•    Curtains and Dishes
•    Life Jackets
•    Plastic Toys
•    Tennis Shoes

On top of that, international shipping to Mexico also requires an understanding of the duties and taxes involved. At this point, the flat rate of duties and taxes is 16%. And it will typically need to be paid if your imported goods are considered to be valued at more than $75. For many furniture shipments coming from Houston, furniture is loaded onto pallets and then shipped on pallets to warehouses in Laredo, TX.  From here, the furniture is then taken over the border into Mexico.

To learn more about international shipping to Mexico, please contact our Houston, Texas, team. We’ve been helping people sort through international shipping regulations since 1981

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