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Shipping to Peru-See Restrictions and Facts

Posted on Wed, Aug 13, 2014

According to the USPS there are not at lot of restrictions when mailing to Peru. One restriction that many countries are now incorporating into their prohibition list for used clothing and shoes being shipped into the country. These items are no longer allowed to be imported into the country.

Peru has a poverty rate of about 42 percent.
We have listed other interesting facts about Peru below.

• Agricultural pesticides containing active ingredients :ethylene dichloride, ethylene oxide, monocrotophos
• Coins
• Banknotes
• Currency notes - paper money;
• Traveler’s checks
• Securities- payable to bearer
• Platinum
• Gold
• Silver
• Precious stones
• Jewelry
• Other valuable articles.
• Drinks manufactured abroad under the brand name “Pisco.”
• Organochlorinated pesticides and their derivatives and components.
• Used clothing
• Used shoes.
• Used tires.
• Vitamins.

Mobile telephones require a license from the government. This must be obtained before mailing into the country.

Some facts about Peru:
• The average life expectancy in the country of Peru is seventy years old.
• Peru has a national healthcare system.
• Ninety percent of Peruvians are literate.
The Inca Empire ruins reside in Peru.
• The major agriculture products are:
• Potatoes- 4000 varieties
• Cotton
• Sugar
• Coffee
• Rice

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