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Houston Moving Company lists Restrictions to Phillipines

Posted on Wed, Aug 20, 2014

The USPS has prepared a list of items that are prohibited from being sent to the Philippines in the mail

The most surprising prohibited  item that we found was coffee in any form. We have listed some of the prohibitions that are listed on the USPS website, as well as some interesting facts about the Philippines.
Country Conditions for Mailing — Philippines
1.    Coffee in any form
2.    Coins
3.    Currency
4.    notes or securities of any kind payable to bearer
5.    traveler’s checks
6.    platinum
7.    gold
8.    silver; precious stones
9.    other valuable articles
10.    Firearms and weapons and parts thereof including replicas of weapons; ammunition.
11.    Gambling devices
12.    Liquids, easily liquefiable items, and glass or similarly fragile articles
13.    Lottery tickets, circulars, or advertisements relating to lotteries
14.    Perishable infectious biological substances
15.    Perishable noninfectious biological substances
16.    Radioactive materials
Restrictions: There is no list furnished for the Philippines.
Interesting facts about the Philippines.
The flag is displayed differently in times of war and at times of peace.  In war time, the color red is at the top.  During times of peace, the color blue is flown at the top.
The Philippines has more texts sent daily than the United States and Europe combined.
One hundred seventy one separate languages and dialects are actively used in the Philippines.
The Philippines is the exports the largest quantity of expat nurses.

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