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International Shipping to Saudi Arabia - Check Out the Rules

Posted on Fri, May 16, 2014

Situated in Western Asia, alongside the Red Sea and Persian Gulf, is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a fascinating country that may be divided up into four regions, each with its own inimitable personality. Each year, it exports oil from those diverse regions and adheres to strict, comprehensive import regulations. Here’s a glance at some of their some of their international shipping regulations:

•    Saudi Arabia’s international shipping rules do not allow people to ship dice, playing cards or any other gaming materials into the country. Alcoholic beverages aren’t permitted to cross into the country’s borders either.

•    Shipping perfumes or colognes into Saudi Arabia?  The government requires them to go through one of the country’s designated laboratories for testing. Plus, they must meet strict labeling guidelines and receive a Certificate of Conformity first.

•    Saudi Arabia currently prohibits every device that contains a hidden camera from entering into the country. Plus, they disallow night vision gear and mobile phones too. So you’ll definitely need to leave the camera phones, camera watches, camera pens and spy camera cigarette packs at home.

•    The list of items that are not allowed into Saudi Arabia includes Christmas trees, Bibles, religious jewelry, toys that resemble Gods, religious artwork and books on theological studies.

•    The country’s government also restricts or prohibits the shipping of items like herbal teas, herbal vitamin supplements, herbal creams, herbal hair products, nutmeg and other assorted spices.

To learn more about the regulations and rules that must be followed when engaging in international shipping to Saudi Arabia, please contact us at (713) 266-1450 today. We’ll help you make sense out of it all in no time.

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