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International Shipping to South Korea-Rules to Follow

Posted on Thu, May 08, 2014

International Shipping to South Korea takes planning and following the rules that are established.

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There are many specific rules. South Korea has many items that are prohibited. However, they also have a list of items which are restricted. This means they may be sent but there are particular limitations or requirements necessary.
Prohibited Items:
1.    Counterfeit postage stamps
2.    Documents, books, printed pages, engravings, or other items contrary to public security
3.    Guns, sabres, and swords for military use
4.    Firing caps and ammo for portable firearms
5.    Live animals or insects
6.    Machines and papers used for making cigarettes
7.    Salt
8.    Textile fabrics
9.    Weights and measures

Restricted Items:
1.    Items that can be sent only if they are sent in registered First-Class Mail International or First-Class Package International Service shipments: Coins, banknotes, currency notes jewelry, manufactured and unmanufactured platinum, gold, silver, precious stones and other valuable articles (Please check here for a full list)
2.    Monthly or weekly journals are limited to only 3 copies per person, per issue. This only changes if there is a government granted permit.
3.    Tobacco and ginseng may only be imported by the Korean Government.

Other Considerations:
In addition to the list of prohibited items and the restrictions on other items, there are other considerations.
•    Mail can only be shipped to provinces in the Republic of Korea (South Korea), which are those areas below the 38th parallel of latitude.
•    Mail being sent to Korea should list: Name of addressee, street name, district name, town name, and province in Korea. If possible use the Korean characters. This isn't always possible, but can be a big help.

List of Korean Provinces:
As previous stated, the mail can only be shipped to Korean Provinces below the 38th parallel of latitude. Here is a list of the Korean provinces that are below the parallel:
•    Cheju-do
•    Cholla-namdo
•    Cholla-pukto
•    Ch’ungch’ong-namdo
•    Ch’ungch’ong-pukto
•    Kyongsang-namdo
•    Kyongsang-pukto

Additionally, there are two provinces which are divided between being north AND south of the 38th parallel. This means that some portions of that province are considered undeliverable. Be sure to check the latitude and address of your package to ensure that it is south of the 38th latitude.
Here are the names of the two provinces:
•    Kangwon-do
•    Kyonggi-do

Keep in mind that if you do not follow the above mentioned addressing recommendations or sent to an area that is not in the service area then your item will be considered undeliverable.

FedEx has many of the exact same restrictions as mentioned above. Additionally they state that no items which damage equipment or personnel is permitted.

Just as the US Postal Service and FedEx follow those restrictions, so does DHL.
Please contact us to learn more about specific regulations and rules regarding shipping to various countries. We'd be happy to help!

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