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Wedding Gift Shipping Advice

Posted on Tue, Jun 18, 2013


Wedding season has arrived in the United States. With most weddings occurring during the summer months, there are many gifts to be shipped.  As couples are getting married in the cities in which they reside, rather than in the city in which they grew up, there is lots of gift shipping going on.

While many stores will now ship directly to the bride and groom, traditional families want to have the personally wrapped gifts with them at the bridal shower or at the wedding itself.

We can offer a few hints for carefree shipping. Ask the shipping company to pick up the gifts right after the shower or wedding. That way the grooms or brides parents do not have to repack and put all of the gifts into their cars.

If relatives are giving the new couple any furniture or large items, be sure to have these items sent along with the wedding gifts at the same time.

Let professional packing company pack all of the china, glassware, crystal, silver, paintings, any glass items that contain food, or kitchen supplies etc. That way they will get to the couples new residence without any damage.  All artwork, including sculptures should be professionally packed or crated. Let a freight company determine the items that may need extra packing.

If you are looking for a company to help you pack and send gifts, make sure that they offer pick up service.  Also ask for full value coverage for either loss or damage.  Ask if they will let you look at other items that they are shipping. 

Many brides and grooms live abroad. Check if the company you are selecting can handle international freight shipping. In Houston, Texas, pack n send offers these services.

If you decide to pack on your own, choose a company that will sell you the packing materials and offer you instructions on the best packing practices. We recommend asking if the company can build custom boxes or crates in order to fit the exact size of your gift.    

Be sure to ask for a price up front for your wedding shipping. Have the delivery zip code on hand. For a small shipment, it may be less expensive to have it delivered to the bride or grooms office. When shipping to a residence make sure to have the shipment signed for. That way, the delivery service will not leave it on the doorstep. They will make sure that they hand the gifts to the desired recipients.

Tracking numbers are important. Ask the shipper to email the tracking numbers to you.

We recommend looking for a store that has been in business for a reasonable length of time to handle your high value shipping. Packing, crating and freight experience does count when packing up valuable or precious items. If you have the packing and shipping store pack your items, go ahead and ask to see both the packing area and the packing materials. Ask about cushioning and how the boxes will be packed.

Can the company you choose describe the way that they will pack you precious item in a box or crate?

 During peak holiday seasons, think a winter wedding, shipping kiosks often appear in shopping malls. A firm that only sets up a storefront somewhere only for the holiday season may not have the knowledge to pack your presents correctly and safely for shipping.

For more helpful hints on packing and moving shower and wedding gifts this holiday season, please feel free to call pack n send in Houston at 713 266 1450.  Since we have been in business over thirty years, we are happy to help out with wedding gift shipping recommendations.

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