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White Glove Art Work Receiving and Delivery FAQ

Posted on Fri, Mar 07, 2014

Transporting art work looks like it is a bit more complicated than moving office supplies, household goods or furniture. Truth be told, it is not a complicated endeavor.

 When you need to move art work like paintings or sculptures, consider white glove art work receiving and delivery services. Whether you are a designer, private collection owner or an art dealer, you'll find this type of service a good solution for relocating your artwork. So what can white glove art work receiving and delivery do for you? Review this handy FAQ.

What does the relocation process for art work entail? A white glove service includes care from beginning to end, including disassembling artwork when necessary, wrapping the items, moving them and reassembling items at the new location. White glove delivery teams can also hang and display art work according to the customer's direction.

How will a white glove service protect my art work? Moving professionals wrap the art work carefully.  Some pieces may be blanket wrapped, some custom boxed and others may be custom crated.  Larger items may be custom packed and then strapped to a shipping pallet.
 The size, condition, materials and value of each item is considered separately when deciding the safest way to pack each piece of artwork.

   Can I get some help putting my art work in place? Tell the company when to deliver and they can deliver and professionally install your items wherever you want them. Get some help moving odd-shaped concrete items into a garden or let a white glove crew hang that heavy portrait for you.

White glove delivery companies are committed to delivering your possessions using the highest level of professionalism and real expertise. Contact us for more information about white glove services for your art work.

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Should You Choose White Glove Delivery?

Posted on Thu, Mar 06, 2014

Moving items that require extra attention or some assembly? 

From a collection of antique furniture to a sophisticated computer system, companies that offer white glove delivery specialize in this type of premium service. For some businesses and individuals, white glove service providers lift the load off a stressful event like moving and relocating. If you're considering your moving options, add white glove delivery as a possible solution.

What are the benefits of this type of service? What do white glove movers do?
White glove services pick up your items. You can box them yourself or allow the company to prepare the items for moving. These teams also handle disassembling items too. This handy service begins right in your home or business.
The items are carefully loaded and transported to their new destination. White glove movers handle all of the logistics! If you have a long distance move planned, across the country or around the world, they have you covered.
Your items are inspected and repacked, if received from a third party. If the white glove service is receiving items from another shipper onward to you, the team will inspect the items when they are received. You are informed every step of the way of the condition of your belongings.


If your item is shipped via freight to a receiving warehouse, the item will be taken off the pallet, or taken out of the box, inspected and then delivered inside your home or office.

White glove delivery will take your shipment to its new destination, unpack and reassemble it. Want to place that armoire in a specific place? They'll place each item right where you want them. No more reshuffling furniture after the movers leave.
What else comes with this enhanced delivery service?
•    The moving company removes all the packaging and hauls it away.
•    Precious items receive the care they need.
•    White glove movers can offer ideas on furniture placement solutions.
•    These special delivery teams are adept at handling moving items into tight quarters or through limited entryways.
 Have more questions? We'd be happy to answer them. Contact us for more information about white glove services.

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